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Update: January 8th, 2018


The builders have nearly finished the major construction and in the next few weeks we'll be starting the interior fit - so watch this space for sneaky peeks and updates.  #savethedate We'll be opening on Saturday April 14th, 2018. 


Press Release: November 9th, 2017



Stratford-upon-Avon’s popular tourist destination Magic Alley will be moving from its current location in Henley Street to a larger site at Bell Court next year.

Known for its magical-inspired gifts and enchanting museum, Magic Alley takes visitors on a journey into the magical world of a time-travelling William Shakespeare and will be celebrating an era of invention and imagination, seamlessly blending science, art, time travel and magic as it transports you back to the turn of the 19th century in 1899.

The spectacular new attraction - think Jules Verne meets Thomas Edison and HG Wells with a hefty dose of William Shakespeare will be packed with magical experiences including a life-size animatronic bust of William Shakespeare complete with stovepipe hat and steampunk jacket; hatching dragons’ eggs and a magical book that writes all on its own in addition to a new look Golden Broomstick Pumpkin, Butter & RootBeer Bar where visitors will be able to get their own “Potion To Go”. There will also be nearly 1,500 square feet of themed retail packed with traditional and magical gifts, books and even magic wands direct from the Ministry of Time. The soundscapes will be created by film and tv composer Andy Cox

Magic Alley, which is owned by STMO Media Group, will occupy around 4,500 square feet spread over two floors when it opens at Bell Court and will “retain” features that were present in their original store in Greenwich, London, with the feel of a late 19th century Bonded Warehouse. It will combine styles ranging from late Victorian, to Art Nouveau via Industrial Gothic in order to create a majestic steampunk Cathedral that needs to be experienced more than once.

Dave Matthews, Creative Director of STMO Media Group said: “We are excited to be expanding into a larger site at Bell Court, and this will be our new flagship store heralding an exciting phase of growth for the company.  Our Bell Court site represents a significant financial investment and will be a re-imagining of the Lost Years of William Shakespeare featuring mechanics, exposed brick and wrought iron work, state of the art animatronics, atmospheric lighting and movie quality wonder and whimsey.”

Based on the best-selling Chronicles of Wizard’s Thatch series of children’s’ books, Magic Alley explores the Lost Years of William Shakespeare, offering a potential explanation of how the Bard of Avon went from being a relatively uneducated schoolboy to the world’s greatest playwright with in-depth knowledge of military strategy, the law and ancient Rome before the age of the internet.

“The solution is simple,” explains Dave. “William Shakespeare must have been a time-travelling wizard, it’s the only possible answer!”

Magic Alley has been delighting visitors with its magical wares since 1990, with the original store located in Greenwich, London. The new store and attraction are planned to open in Spring 2018.

John Stacey, Asset Management Director at UK & European Investments, owners of Bell Court, said “Magic Alley will bring a new dimension to Bell Court, introducing another leisure offering at the development. It’s already a popular attraction amongst tourists and local residents, and having seen the plans for the new store, it’s certainly going to get a lot of people excited when it opens.”

Prior to Magic Alley opening at Bell Court, the team behind the new attraction have been working with UK & European on a number of family-focused events that will be held in Bell Court in the run-up to Christmas. More information on these will follow in the coming weeks.




Sneaky Peeks: Concept Art For Magic Alley, Bell Court





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Magic Alley & The Lost Years Of William Shakespeare; the world's oldest makers and purveyors of magical wares, and msueum of magic, fairytales and time travel

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