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Father Christmas at Magic Alley 2019

Bookings for Christmas 2019 open on January 2nd.  Call to book: 01789 290969



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For every child who dreams about Father Christmas creeping down their chimney to fill their stockings with magical gifts on Christmas Eve, the chance to meet the man in person is just too great an opportunity to pass up. 

A truly incredible transformation has taken place at Magic Alley in "Jingle Bell Court" this Christmas as the real Father Christmas has once again decided to create his North Pole Outpost right here in Stratford upon Avon. 

In line with our policy of encouraging quality family time together, everyone receives a copy of this years specially commissioned bedtime story "A Dickens Of A Christmas" to be read together, as a family, on Christmas Eve. 

We appreciate that not every child who receives the storybook will be able to read it for themselves, but it is a known fact that every child (no matter what their age) loves to listen to a story, and the tale has something for everyone who believes in the magic of Christmas. 

Our hope is that once again this year the thousands of children and adults who come to visit us will read the tale together and be part of the world's biggest storytelling on Christmas Eve and that the tale will ignite that precious spark of magic within all who have imagination and hope for the future.

Booking is essential, you cannot just turn up. Tickets cost £11.00 per person (adults and children alike) with babes in arms (under 1's) going free.  Everyone receives the same gift, wrapped with care by Santa's elves.  The book is a traditional storybook with no pictures. 

Tickets can be booked either in person at Magic Alley or by phone on 01789 290969.  Spaces fill faster every year, so early booking is essential.




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Magic Alley & The Lost Years Of William Shakespeare; the world's oldest makers and purveyors of magical wares, and msueum of magic, fairytales and time travel

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