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The Enchanted Manor, Henley Street

Call to book your tickets: 01789 290969 pre-booking essential!

Welcome to Stratford's most magical attraction!


Most people think of William Shakespeare as a great poet and playwright, but during the period 1578 - 1582 and then again from 1585 - 1592 (commonly referred to by Shakespeare Scholars & Historians as "The Lost Years") no-one has ever known exactly what Will got up to... until now that is!  
So, if you've ever wondered how a relatively uneducated 14 year old schoolboy became the world's greatest playwright with in-depth knowledge of the Law, Ancient Rome, European Myth & Folklore as well as Military History and the lives of the English Aristocracy before the age of the internet, then look no further as present the "only possible solution" to this conundrum that has baffled scholars for years. 
William Shakespeare was a time travelling wizard.  There, we've said it - there is no other possible way he could have gained all that knowledge...

The Enchanted Manor brings to life the "Lost Years of William Shakespeare" as depicted in the best selling Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series of books.  With pinches of magic, time travel, supernatural adventures, magical puzzles and twists in history, the Enchanted Manor contains everything that you would expect to find in will's own work.


Tickets: £10.00 Adults, £7.00 Children, Students, Seniors* 

*Different pricing applies when visiting Father Christmas in November and December - see Christmas pages for details



Join Alice and her friends on a magical exploration of the Enchanting World of Wizard's Thatch using your copy of the Official Ministry of Time Guide for Field Agents.  There's two whole floors of Wizarding Tales and Time Travelling Magic that add an extra level of enjoyment to the spellbinding Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series, with puzzles to solve, facts to discover and history that's all twisted up with wizardry - in fact it's so mixed up we call it "twistory"! 

The exhibits delve into the "Lost Years" of William Shakespeare as depicted in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch and offer "easter eggs" that you won't find in the books.  Easter eggs, I hear you ask?  Well, of course we don't mean the chocolate variety, but hidden extras and additional tales that add depth to the Chronicles and the world of the "Lost Years".

So, are you up to the challenge...?

The Enchanted Manor is the Museum of Wizard's Thatch and includes exhibits on loan from Dr. Bombay's "Enchanted Manor Collection", the Wizard's Thatch "Wyrd Museum" and the "Ministry of Time" including costumes from "The Chronicles".  The experience is spread over several levels with atmospheric lighting and sound effects. It is suitable for children of all ages, the young at heart and all with a sense of wonder who believe in magic through storytelling.......



The Enchanted Manor is the only museum to immerse you into a world of storytelling by letting stories guide you around the building. Three or four times a year we produce a specially adapted tale from the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch to send you off on a quest around the Enchanted Manor looking for answers. This means that every time you visit not only will the rooms in the Manor have changed (and possibly even moved) but that you'll be undertaking a brand-new adventure!

There are clues, of course, in the latest tale from the Chronicles as well as within the exhibits or on the walls. You might also find bits of a very well-known Time Magic Spell scattered around the building.  Whenever you find part of this spell, write it down in your Guide and when you’ve found all the bits - rearrange them to make sense. 

Get everything right and not only will you be awarded with a Graduation Certificate from the Wizard’s Thatch Academy, but you will also be granted the status of Official Field Agent with the Ministry of Time and be allowed to apply for an Official Ministry Identity Card which as everyone knows is really useful to have (you never know when you might need it). 

So, without further ado and to cut a long story short, open your copy of the latest tale taken from the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch, and most importantly…. have fun and good luck!

Please Note:

Spread over several levels with steep and narrow stairways, low beams and doorways, a visit to The Enchanted Manor is truly an atmospheric and magical experience for all the family and is sure to be one to remember. An average visit to the Enchanted Manor will take somewhere between 45 and 55 minutes.

Of course, if you're expecting a boring old museum stuffed full of tired and dusty old exhibits about witchcraft or a multi-million-pound museum of behind the scenes movie making you'll be disappointed as you won't find either here! But what you will find is a passionate team of people dedicated to bringing the enchanting world of Wizard's Thatch to life...

The Enchanted Manor is suitable for children of all ages and for the young at heart, but may not be suitable for those with mobility issues. There is no room for pushchairs or buggies - please do not bring them, thank you.

Our brand new attraction in Bell Court

The Lost Years Of William Shakespeare - opens April 14th, 2018

Call to book your tickets: 01789 290969 pre-booking essential!



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Magic Alley & The Lost Years Of William Shakespeare; the world's oldest makers and purveyors of magical wares, and msueum of magic, fairytales and time travel

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