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The most magical store in the world...



If William Shakespeare had been a time travelling wizard (which of course we know he was!) where would he have shopped? Why, Magic Alley of course!


We are the world's oldest makes and purveyors of magical wares and of course things have changed a lot over the years, but everything we do reflects our love for where we live, our faith in the world and our hope for the future - as well as drawing upon the heritage of our past.... and that's why we are reinstating some of the magic from over 25 years ago, when we first opened our doors at our first store in London. 


But it doesn't stop there...  We've got some exciting plans for the very near future - just follow us on twitter, and we'll keep you updated with sneaky previews as to what's coming next...


Including our major makeover and refurb of the entire ground floor which is nearing completion... there's still the "train carriage" and "garden room" to reveal... 



And then there's the new online store coming this summer too!



Please bear with us as we upload more information about the ranges that we sell ...

Wartytoads Booksellers: The Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch


“ ‘By my soul I swear, there is no power in the tongue of man to alter me’ (The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare) and so my thoughts on The Chronicles of Wizard’s Thatch remain as thus. The series is based on good story-telling, inspiring, full of creative craftsmanship, history and most of all magic. References to Shakespeare and great fictional characters abound, including brand new beautifully created figures of interest. Congratulations Dave Matthews on creating such a treasure chest of storytelling.”

“From fairytales to politics, storytelling to history, the series of books in Chronicles of Wizard’s Thatch has everything. You start on an adventure, with time travel thrown in, meet people in history (many recognisable characters) and sometimes, they end up in a political turmoil not unlike the current climate. Full of creative magic these books will stimulate any imagination – young and old!”

“Dave Matthews, a wizard of a storyteller – I love reading his books and you will too.”

The Magic SpellBox Company: Wands & Spells



Whether you need help in attracting success, releasing creative blocks or even just treating yourself to a magical birthday wish - then there is a magical gift here for you.  Every ingredient has been individually selected and packed lovingly by hand in one of our trademark spellbags along with everything you need to do the spell right there in the pack, we even tell you when the best time of the day to weave a little magic into your life is too…. 

This is magic that anyone can work, with surprising results. It is the magic of nature, positive magic for positive solutions.  Founded before the turn of the century we are recognised the world over as being the leading and most traditional manufacturer and purveyor of magical wares.  What's more, we're the oldest too - we've been making and selling wands and spells longer than any other company!

Everything we make reflects our love for where we live, our faith in the world and our hope for the future as well as drawing upon the heritage of our past.  So go ahead, why not seek the magic for yourself….?

The Golden Broomstick: Auntie Emm's Wizard Confection Collection



Quite possibly the most popular little shop in Wizard’s Thatch.

Most of the children from the Wizard's Thatch Academy spend their weekly stipend here treating Auntie Emm's as a glorified tuck shop. Emmentaal Maracas, the proprietor, makes all her own confectionery and insists that the recipes are a closely guarded family secret.

Her bestselling sweets include:

Jelly Troll Bogies, Two Ton Tongue Ticklers, Petrified White Mice, Sherbet Fountains, Licorice Candy Canes and the obligatory favourites Fizzing Whizz Bangs.



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